Miniprint Annual 2017

16th Lessedra World Art Print Annual — Mini Print 2017

June 22nd — September 30th

Opening reception on June 22nd at 7 p.m. with the presence of visiting artists and jury members:

  • AKIRA KUROSAKI, Japan, Featured Artist
  • CEZARY KLIMASZEWSKI, Poland, First Prize Winner of the 15th Mini Print Annual 2016
  • KAREN OREMUS, Canada, Assistant Dean Zayed University, College of Arts and Creative Enterprises, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Curator of the Special Presentation of the artists from UAE
  • SNEZHINA BISSEROVA, Bulgaria – Artist & Art Teacher School of Arts and Sofia University

List with Accepted artists and works in PDF document

Official catalogue of Mini Print 2017 (PDF)

Gallery from Lessedra World Art Print Annual — Mini Print 2017

Akira Kurosaki in front of his special presentation as a Featured Artist
Akira Kurosaki judging the works for the prizes
Just coming from Kochi Triennial in Japan as a juror Kurosaki san is pleased to see here good prints, too-
Akira Kurosaki looks satisfied when completing his list of selected artists on the computer enjoying good Bulgarian beer
Rada is very happy to meet Akira Kurosaki
6 Cezary Klimaszewski, Poland starting as a jury member
Cezary is pleased to meet Bulgarian jury member Snezhina Bisserova
Snezhina Bisserova knows well the responsibility of the joror
Snezhina and Cezary on knees in front of the Art
Cezary and Snezhina - so many good works to be judged
Both artists pleased to meet again after so many years - Kurosaki san by the opening reception of Svetlin Roussev`s exhibition in Nirvana Gallery
Meeting Lyuben Dimanov is a great pleasure for Akira Kurosaki
Lyuben Zidarov is a good inspiration with his 93 years for Akira who celebrates 80 years anniversary this year
Akira Kurosaki visiting Gallery Rakursi
Cezary Klimaszewski visiting the School for Arts in Sofia
Cezary Klimaszewski in the School for Arts while Tomasz Belew creating a print with the help of his teacher Snezhina Bisserova
Akira during the interview with the journalist from Bulgarian BTV, in the background his daughter Miyo
Opening reception - Cezary Klimaszewski and young curious artists
Nikolay Maystorov in front of the works of Akira Kurosaki, in the background Ivan Ninov
Opening reception - Julia Petrova from BG national radio and visitors
Opening reception
Opening reception - happy artists and their works
Opening reception - Georgi invites the jury members for the announcement of the prizes
Jury members ready to announce the prizes
The Jury announcing the Prize Winners
First Prize: EVA CHOUNG - FUX, Austria
Second Prize: JANNE LAINE, Finland
Third Prize: YURI SHASHIKI, Japan
Special Prize: FAYE HASKINS, England
Special Prize: KIRA WINTHER, Denmark
Special Prize: SUSANNA CRUM, U. S. A.
Special Prize for Young Artist: NATSUMI OIKAWA, Japan
Special Prize for Bulgarian Artist: CHRISTOPHOR KRUSTEV, Bulgaria