Willemijn Denissen - The Netherlands
 Training : Tehatex Breda

St. Joost Breda

Art History SOL Utrecht

Akademos Den Bosch

Model modelling in was

Catholic Colleges in Tilburg

Taught manual labor and art history to 1993 at the high school to in Tiel and since then actively working in stone, bronze and painting.
Own atelier Dorpstraat 35 Macharen.

I'm assuming you're in my painting, poem, dance, music or text in human movement. On this basis I can release the data and convert it into color, surface, line and shape. Many of my works are made with acrylic paint. In addition, I would like to work on location.

The tranquility and colors in nature inspire me to directly and clear impressions with watercolor paint in abstraction.

In my three-dimensional work is usually the man. The man fascinates me in all its movements and body language and that is reflected in my work of stone or bronze. I go from the realism in stone or battle material.

Already working with the material can I show the Association that comes to mind, with me.
Using the feeling, the impression and the relationship that arises with the stone. 

For me personally is art experience an inner experience form, which evokes emotion. The power of the performance, use of colour and technique make something loose inside, that's hard to describe in words. It's more experienced the influence and aware.

By you to shut down you can feel, experience, work experience, you come in the middle of.

The does something more with you, then you want, even after having seen the work several times. I experience this as a lasting something, an emotion,



Art Book Art artist books K26 Oss

Mail Art Project Stedelijk Van Abbe Museum, Eindhoven

Mill Stella Polaris, Dieden

Workshop route Foundation Visual Arts Oss, K26

Holiday Work K26

Sculptures in the garden of Hospital Bernhoven Veghel

Images in stone Macharen

Kunstbeurs Amsterdam


Invisible cities K26 Oss

Summer Exhibition K26 Oss


Post left, abandoned post Oss, object

City Gallery, Woudrichem

K26 Oss Summer Exhibition

Workshop route Foundation Visual Arts Oss and Lith

Art enter Megen 10th anniversary

St Antonin Noble Val, PartageART, France

City Gallery Woudrichem 12, ½ year anniversary

Art in 't hart, Speaking silence, Oss object

K26 exhibition "White"


Play lines K26 Oss

Gallery AstA, France

Villa Pura, La Nucia Spain


Workshop route Foundation Visual Arts Oss and Lith

650 years Megen shoes project. objects

The Old Town Hall Ravenstein

Art in 't hart 't celebrate life, object Oss


Art Enter Megen

Kasteel Maurick Vught

Solo Plaka Megen

La Petite Galerie Megen

Images in stone, Megen

Art in 't hart Oss, what has got into me, object

Gallery AstA, France

Villa Pura, La Nucia Spain


Belpech Gallery, France

Prisoners Tower, Megen

Images in stone, Megen

B-Faculty Nijmegen

Art in 't hart paradise, object Oss


Epe Town Hall

Hospital Bern Courts Veghel

Enter Art Exhibition 5th anniversary

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Art in 't hart, Angel Lucifer, object Oss


Gallery Le Gratin, Megen

Exhibition Art Enter Megen

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Art in 't hart, Mary, object Oss


Hospital Bern Courts

Educational garden Wanroij

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Projekt 600 years the three objects Oss
Jan Kofferprojekt Cunenmuseum 
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1990 - 1998

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The Green Angel Oss

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Animal Foundation Reception Maasland Oss

Nistelrode Town Hall

Maria Resort Rosmalen

Art route Oss

Images in stone Nistelrode

Castle Heeswijk-Dinther object

Work purchased by schools,companies, institutions and individuals
m. n could.

2009 Tomb, Appeltern

2008 Erepenningen Pastoral Unit

2007 Bergerbos Tomb

2006 Images Graduation candidates TU Eindhoven

2004 Facade stone Parish Centre, Macharen

2003 to Oss trophy for the best entrepreneur OVO Oss

2002 Amev Utrecht

2000 Fashion house of Tilburg Nistelrode

1999 Waterboard de Maaskant to Oss,

1999 to Diosynth Oss

1998 to Oss Elzeneindschool

Ned. Screen bond Exchange Trophy

Worked on 
Projekt of

2008 Post left, abandoned Post Oss

2007-present co-founder Foundation Visual Arts Oss, K26

2007 Art route through Megen, 650 years Megen

2007 Celebrate life, Oss

2006 what has got into me, Oss

2005 Earthly Paradise project, Oss

2004 Angels project, Oss

2003 Maria project, Oss

2001-2008 co-founder Plaka artists collective

1999-present Coordination/collaborator Art enter exhibitions

Boncura to Heroes – Panningen 
Schilderscompetitie Colart international Millennium
The three projects 600 years Oss 

Mixed Media Competition 2011

The People 1, 2011, Mixed Media (Acrylic and Watercolor) on Paper, 12 x 1 2 cm – 170

Mixed Media Competition 2011

The People 2, 2011, Mixed Media (Acrylic and Watercolor) on Paper, 12 x 1 2 cm – 170

Mixed Media Competition 2011

The People 3, 2011, Mixed Media (Acrylic and Watercolor) on Paper, 12 x 1 2 cm – 170

Dorpstraat 35
 5367 AK macharen