Elisabeth Jobin-Sanglard - Switzerland
 2010-1999 nominated as member of FMAC ( Fund of contemporary art of the city of Meyrin), www.meyrin.ch/culture
2010-1995 IAPMA member, with picture on gallery od www.iapma.info,
2010-05 Visarte member , www.visarte-geneve.ch
2010-05 member of the comity of act.art, www.act.art.ch ,
2010-01 member of Ateliers Portes Ouvertes, www.apo-geneve.ch,
2010-07 chairwoman of the SJE Geneva section , society of cultural emulation of Jura (Switzerland), www.sje.ch
2003 responsible of GENEVA’S IAPMA CONGRESS 03 and curator of PAPER ROAD GENEVA 03
1973 nominated as art teacher on Genva School
1971 certificate to teach seconf level
1970 diploma of Geneva High School of Visual Arts
1965-69 Basel School of visual arts
1964-65 Genva Faculty of mededine
2010-1070:curatot of ~70 exhibitions

Friends of:
Genvea MAH www.mah.ch, Baur Museum, Hôtel-Dieu Museum www.museehoteldieu.ch , Fluxus Laboratory www.fluxumlaboratory.ch

Collective exhibitions in Switzerland:
1967 and 2000 at Biel, 1979 at Loye (Wallis), 1996-7-8-9-2000-2-3-5-6-7-8-9-2010 at Geneva, 1996-7 at Bern, 1996 at Zürich, 1997-9- 2000-1-4-7-9-2010 at Le Grand-Saconnex/ Geneva, 1997 at Delémont, 1997 -8 and 2005-6 at Basel, 1998 at Notwill , 2000 at Grandson, 2005 at Lützelflûh,.
All over the world:
1995 and 2000 Japan, 1996 Denmark, 1998, 1997 Slovakia, 1998-2000 Italy, 1998-2001 Australia, 1998-2000-2-4 -5-6-7-8-9-2010 Canada, 1998 The Netherlands, 1999 Belgium, 1999-2000-2 Germany, 2000 Spain, 2001 Polen, 2001 England, 2003 Ukrainia, 2004 and 2006-9-2010 South Korea.

Public collections: Royal Post of Denmark, Archives of Barcelona

Private collections : Switzerland, France, French Polynesia, Greece, England, Spain, Canada, USA, Sud-Africa, Israël, Jordania, Oman, Madagascar, Japan, Australia, Brazil., China.

Personal exhibition: 1997 Gallery of Paris Airport, Orly, La Bulett, on 1998 and Gallery FARB, Delmont on 2009, (Switzerland)

1998 invited artist for the event ARTITS AT WORK t at Ville-Marie, Quebec (Canada) and exposed at the Gallery Augustin Chénier,
2005 Projection of TRACES with ~300 pictures during 4 hours in front of 500 persons at the International Airport of Geneva
2006 invited artist with the video of the same projection at the Villa Dutoit during for the exhibition PRINTEMPS JAPONAIS,
2006 video of ~100 painted acrylic portraits MIGRATION at the Villa Dutoit during 3 weeks for the exhibition NEW MEMBERS VISARTE-GENEVE 2005

Pictures on internet:
www.sje.ch , on “sections”, “Geneva”, “activités”, “activités passées”, PAPIER DEVOILE
www.iapma.info, under « gallery », Switzerland »
interview on: www.radiocite.ch , on “C’est la vie”, by Olivier Delhoume, the 29th September 2008

2009-2010 Geneva (SWITZERLAND) water painting to the gallery ARTRACTION, 35, bv. Carl-Vogt, to the 25TH May,
2009-10 Chung-Ju (SOUTH KOREA,) SHU-MONK-JI, to Sonmaru Arthall from 19TH November 2009 to 24TH March. 2010
2010 Geneva (SWITZERLAND), ARTISTS FOR PEACE, Geneva United Nations, from the 17TH March to the 1ST April,
2010 Gland (SWITZERLAND), ARTISTS FOR PEACE, at store Schilliger from the 6TH April to the 2ND May
2010 Le Grand-Saconnex (SWITZERLAND), WORLD PAPER ART 2010, www.artbygeneve.ch from the 28TH April to the 2ND May
2010 Gland (Switzerland), , RATISTS FOR PEACE, to Schilliger
2010 LeVigan (FRANCE), FUTURE IN PAPER, Hostel de la Condamine, 13, ave Emmanuel d’Alzon, 30120 from the 7TH to 22ND May
2010 BIAM 2010, Ville-Marie, (QUEBEC-CANADA), from June to September
2010 Wonju (SOUTH KOREA), 3RD PAPER ROAD, from the 7TH September to the 8TH October
2010 Chung-Ju (SOUTH KOREA) SHU-MONK-JI from the 7TH September to the 8TH October at Sonmaru Arthall
Mixed Media Competition 2011

Shades and Sky, 2011, Mixed Media on Canvas, 15 x 15 cm – 370

6 , chemin des Corbillettes , 1218 GRAND-SACONNEX , GENEVA, SWITZERLAND , Phone +fax 022 798.57.44elisa.jobin@bluewin.ch www.facebook.com/elisabeth.jobinsanglard