The Art Village

Summer Residency 2013 - Тhe catalogue

The artists who booked residency in 2010 for 2013

The artists who booked residency in 2011 for 2013

The artists who booked residency in 2012 for 2013

The Place

Situated in the forefront of the Balkan mountain (Stara Planina) the village of Lessidren (1200 inhabitants) is very natural and clean in air, products, food… Lessedra according to the history is the old Roman name of the village existing on the same place before more then 3000 years…

The village of Lessidren is only 115 km far from Sofia and the main road is a highway. About one hour from Sofia airport.

Old houses

Sheep herders

Maria's chikens

Goat herder from my balcony

Old barn

Front yard

White stork

Photo Credits Kim Beckmann, Associate Professor at the Peck School of the Arts at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA. If you like to view all of Kim` s photographic impressions from the Village of Lessidren please visit her page at Flickr


2 weeks (14-15 days) Residency

From end of April (29 – 30) beginning of May (1 – 2)
until end of September (29-30) beginning of October (1-2)
5 (may be 6) months equal to 10 (may be 12) shifts.
Of course you are welcome at any suitable time for you,
for Christmas, for Easter and a holiday when you like…

The Art Village - Computer generated image based on the architectural and construction plans

One package of 2 weeks stay (residency) includes:

  • - Transfers from Sofia airport to the Art Village and from the Art Village to Sofia airport
  • - Accommodation in a single room with bath & WC
  • - Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & additional beverage (tee, coffee, soft drinks)
  • - Work in the studio with teacher (professor) for Painting, Printmaking and Sculpture
  • - Initial materials for the workshop – for example one small (middle) size canvas for painting plus some paints, several sheets paper for printmaking (about 50 x 70 cm) plus printing on the press and gypsum and/or clay for a small size sculpture. Further materials are subject to a friendly agreement
  • - One day trip to Sofia (the capital of Bulgaria)
  • - One day trip to Veliko Tarnovo – the old capital of Bulgaria
  • - One day trip to Gabrovo

Cost of the package
750 EUR for artists – art-lovers from Europe
950 USD for artists – art-lovers from outside of Europe